Brexit London lures Korean startups

At a time when Britain’s startups are deeply concerned about losing EU talent following the upcoming Brexit, the UK government is working hard to invite talented startups to join its vibrant ecosystem.

At the fore of this initiative is the Global Entrepreneur Program, a 13-year-old program of the UK Department of International Trade that assists overseas tech startups to relocate to the country.

So far, it has helped around 800 startups join London’s startup scene since its initiation in 2004. It plans to do more, especially in Asia, to scout for the “best and the brightest startups” out to conquer the world.

“Silicon Valley is great, and no way can anyone compete with the US when it comes to startups. But I don’t look at it like that,” Derek Goodwin, deputy director of capital investment at DIT and chief of the program, told The Investor in an interview.

“When you’ve got the UK brand and do business across Europe, you will be perceived differently when you go to Silicon Valley,” he added. “We are not trying to take everyone away, but we are an option, a more comfortable option for global expansion.”

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