Burbidge fights FinTech’s corner around the world

Eileen Burbidge is passionate about fintech and business which makes her an ideal champion for the UK sector which is growing rapidly and grabbing international attention.

There are few more vocal supporters of the British fintech industry than Eileen Burbidge.

A regular speaker on the fintech circuit and the British Treasury’s Special Envoy for the sector, she is optimistic and confident about the future.

“The industry has changed and developed significantly even over the past 12 months as the fintech ecosystem goes from strength to strength,” says Burbidge, a founding partner of early-stage technology venture capital investment firm Passion Capital.

She is speaking at London Fintech Week, an event which has generated considerable interest globally this year.

“Last year people were impressed that there even was a London Fintech Week, and this time it’s an obvious event and a reflection of how quickly the industry is progressing in terms of value creation.”

She says emerging technologies and increased funding for fintech start-ups are driving growth.

“Investment in UK tech has risen dramatically as the sector has matured. We saw four-times more venture financing in 2015 compared to the year before with investors from the UK, the US, South America, Asia and across Europe,” says Burbidge. “There’s also more collaboration between traditional financial services players, the incumbents, and new fintech businesses.”

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