Get Ready: The Energy Industry is About to Become Sexy Again

First and foremost, we are here to learn, and to see who is open to collaborating

What we have seen today [at Energy Unblocked] is just the tip of the iceberg. Genuinely, I think that the application of blockchain in the energy industry feature some really exciting and genuine use-cases. Our goal is to talk to as many people as possible and encourage collaboration. We find people who are providing one solution and say to them “you can focus on this area, and you can use our technology, and then we can solve this problem quicker, together”. There are a few people here today that I hope we will be working with in the next couple of months.

When it comes to regulation, most entrepreneurs just want regulatory clarity

Governments, such as Gibraltar (relevant in the financial sector of course), you have got a regulator that is very friendly and clear to blockchain and crypto businesses. And that’s a bonus to entrepreneurs, because they know what they are getting into, they know the rules, and then they will abide by them. The UK has an amazing chance right now- 30% of all blockchain businesses are set up in London/UK. But nobody backs it, because there is no regulatory service in place, and it is difficult if you don’t know what the rules are. So the FCA is obviously looking at this space, and they will soon make a decision.

The UK has not been that good with tech over the years; how many unicorns based in the UK, compared to Silicon Valley? And with all this talent in London at the moment, we want to keep it here. It would be a huge step for the government if they were to get it right. People want to pay taxes and contribute to the economic growth of the UK. But until the government provides more clarity about the rules, people are going to go to a safer jurisdiction. You get a situation where people will rather go to Asia and the US. Governments really need to be proactive in order to solve this problem.

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