Going for gold: London fintech Glint is heading to the US and Japan, and will be raising £15m to do it

Glint, a London startup that lets you spend and save in physical gold, is looking to raise a £15m Series A to help bolster its target of launching in the US and Japan by the end of the year.

First launched in the UK in November last year, Glint offers its users a pre-paid Mastercard with which they can buy fractions of gold bars and then spend them in real-time at the point of sale, wherever they are in the world at the interbank rate.

It’s understood that while near-term goals are to launch a savings pot and the ability to attach a bank account, Glint is currently building out its proposition ahead of a third quarter-launch in the US, and a launch in Japan soon after.

“Since December, we’ve been working non-stop towards the US launch,” said co-founder Ben Davies in a call.

“Right now, we have a gold liquidity account, and accounts for sterling, US dollars and euros.”

“In the US, there’s a natural philosophical bias for wanting to use gold and save in gold. So we’ll launch there with a savings account, a currency account and a gold account, while rolling out about 20 new settlement currencies over the next two quarters to give our users the interbank rate.”

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