Microsoft opens $20 million “Reactor” technology hub in London

Despite Brexit, Microsoft is committed to keep investing in the UK, which remains one of the company’s most important markets worldwide. Last week, the company announced the opening of the Reactor, a new technology hub in London’s Shoreditch area which will welcome start ups, hackathons, meetups and more.

“The Reactor is a $20m investment by Microsoft over the next 10 years,” said Cindy Rose, Microsoft UK Chief Executive Officer in her opening speech. “It’s a reflection of the enduring commitment to the UK as a destination for digital innovation, and the importance that we place on nurturing and developing start-up talent in the UK, which we know is Europe’s hotspot for technology innovation.”

Microsoft has already opened several similar venues in Redmond, New York and San Francisco to connect with local start ups and businesses. The company plans to opens more reactors in Europe as well as Sydney, Australia in the near future.

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