How to stop losing the global cyber war

The message couldn’t be starker: the world is under a massive cyber attack. So says Jeremy King, International Director of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council and he is well equipped to say so. Travelling around the world and talking to companies across the UK, Europe, US and Africa, he hears the same story: companies are the targets of cyber attacks. “The criminals are very well organised, they are global and they share details about how to attack,” he says.

The biggest problem, according to King, is that CEOs either believe that their company would never be a target, or consider cyber security to be a mere IT matter, without realising that everyone who has access to their systems is a possible weak spot. Only one person has to press the wrong button for an attack to begin. “Companies need the right security practises and processes, but above all the employees need the right tools and training. People still have terrible passwords like ‘password1’ or ‘123456’ and the criminals know this. We also put too much information about ourselves on social media, so we make it easy for the criminals to attack.”

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