UK tops Europe for venture capital investments

The UK tops the venture capital (VC) market in Europe, according to KPMG’s quarterly report on global trends

The Big Four firm reports that venture capital investment strengthened in the UK in Q2 of 2018, with £1.55bn invested across 244 deals in the UK, compared to £1.2bn in Q1. Artificial intelligence attracted the most investment across Europe, with other priorities including fintech, autotech, cybersecurity and biotech.

The top 11 European deals were spread among six countries, including the UK, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Belgium and Israel.

The UK’s dominance was buoyed by the fact that it represented three of the top four, and six of the top 10 European deals for the quarter. The main players were Revolut ($250 million), Freeline Therapeutics ($119m), CRM Surgical ($100m), Liberis ($81m), Culture Trip ($80m) and Crescendo Biologics ($70m).

The other big factor was the announcement of the $1bn deal to put the UK firmly on the map in terms of AI innovation. This is made up of new government funding for AI research, and private sector investments.

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